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Daily Physical Activity Log

  • Please note: The Learnnow website is no longer available.

    All grade 11 and 12 students are required to record their DPA on the below calendar, and hand in the completed copy to the career centre at the end of each term.

           Download the current term DPA calendar by clicking the below link:

Here at Alpha, we are a healthy school.

The importance of Daily Physical Activity (DPA) is essential for our physical and mental well-being. Did you know that the brain works better if you are active for 30 minutes a day?

Regular participation in physical activity

* increases your energy levels,

* reduces the risk of diseases such as heart disease,diabetes, and osteoporosis

* builds stronger bones and muscles,

* helps maintain optimum weight,

* enhances your concentration and academic performance

* increase self-esteem,

* it’s fun and gives you an opportunity to spend time with family and friends, and make new friends,

* reduces stress and helps you sleep better, and

* develops leadership skills you can use throughout your life.


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