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Student-led Presentations

The date of Student-led Presentation will be Thursday, April 6, 2017

The last component of your Graduation Transitions requirement. It is your Student-led presentation where you get the opportunity to present who you are or choose to have an interview done by one of our panelists. You can prepare a presentation that shows your past, present and future experiences. Be creative by bringing in artifacts, certificates, art portfolios, art work, musical instruments etc. There are unlimited possibilities! Or if you are more inclined to have an interview bring in your Graduation Transition Plan. Make sure to dress professionally! This day is one that you will be proud of yourself!

Ms. van Duynhoven will be holding student-led presentation tutorials on the following dates:

Tuesday, March 7th

Wednesday, March 8th

Friday, March 31st

*All preparation tutorials will be held in the computer lab room 320 at the start of lunch*


Click here Student-led Interview Outline to view/print a helpful outline and guide to prepare you for your interview!


Check out the graduating class of  2015/16!
Photos from this year’s group!


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